Trek America - Trailblazer!


Heres some off the best memories from our trip!

 ( just taken from a thread posted on facebook, a little added from every1)

happy trek anniversary ppl! how depressing lol
hope you all are well.
was reminiscing with andy bout the time he almost drown me while i was sleeping in the back off the bus in washington after we stayed up all nite hahaha
think we should take this time to list are most comical memories from trek eh?

obviouly Ze crazy german's ' 5 dollar for this shit' is a great 1 lol:
Stuart kicking the van at Lake Powell is one of my personal faves.
y did he kick the van? i dont remember that haha
Cos it got stuck in the sand-we were all pushing and Stu kicked it and stormed off. Possibly one of the funniest things I've EVER seen!
oh yea lol good times lol!
My Top 5 Trek Funny Moments:
1. Worst Dress Party at Easton's Ranch (awesome cos i won)
2. Midnite Pool Party in Del Rio
3. Trek Van gettin stuck at Lake Powell
4. Christina fallin out of river raft capsizing (sorry christina but that was funny shit 2 watch)
5. Andi "Ze Carzy German" Hoffmans 5 dollar rant at Myrtle Beach Amusement park
I remember driving in the van down through the Florida Keys and some of us were trying to come up with new "...key" names for the islands, like funky. After about an hour Stuart decides to join in and says: Yatzy. That was hillarius!
steveo's snake skin boots hahah (sorry mate) lol
wat bout one of the very 1st nites all the lads went out but only me an steve made it back, poor andy slept on a park bench haha
Classy! I probably shouldn't say this...but Andy chucking Casey in a bush outside Caesar's Palace in Vegas and ripping his trousers is pretty high on my list!

Oooh, as is finding Kelly naked on the floor of the showers, just lying down in the foetal position with a monster hangover was pretty funny too!
i remember on one off the hikes it was me, Laura and christine at the mirror lakes and christine lost her footing and fell rite into a big pile off horse shit hahahah funny stuff (again sorry christine). she took it well though haha.

Cornflake chicken anyone ?!!
Oh and while we're on the food theme- Maria's cold pizza- Grand Canyon dilema...
As Jonny would say LOL.
Well Stuart I was hungry and it wasn't a dilema - I just took the pizza with me =D. Pizza and great view, does it get much better!
Another place with a great view was Colorado, where in the middle of the night around the campfire Andy and Jonny had one more of their Ireland vs Northern Ireland arguments, and Andy sat on the chair Jonny was already in and the chair broke and they both fell to the ground, and they were a bit drunk so it took a while to get up. That was funny!
But I might have laughed too much at them, because the next morning my chair was melting in the fire. Payback or accident? We will never know.

R we not laughing about the chair incident yet? Only joking...
Another top moment was the thought of Hayley & Kelly sleeping 2gether in da same sleeping bag. Kept me going through those rough nites...ha ha
hahah nice 1 andy
ahhh we cant forget poor steve in vegas, lapdance any1? for $800 hahah robbed! sorry mate i no i was sworn to silence but its been a year like lol!
$800 dollars for this shit??!!!
oh my god
800 for what
im just messing it wasnt that much! lol
I was gonna say - $800 you could have got a room in Caesar's Palace AND a hooker and gone the whole nine yards, so to speak
PS - Andy you're such a deviant
I forgot... Andy on the Austin Guitars.
The Del Rio storm slumber party... :)
the party in miami, remember the woman who tried to give us cake looked like a man haha
She was a dude, her adam's apple was the size of my head
Does anyone remember that old perv on the bus travelling into the Keys for the booze cruse?!
...He was gettin his old woman's juggs out!! Ohhhh... GROSS!!
You remember John-boy... I think we had to change seats!
I'm still traumatised by that day! LOL
ahhhhh yes mate, ive tried to block that out all this time hahaha. that was fuckin rank. her tits were touching her knees ffs.
steve'o do ya remember, think it was one off the 1st nites in washington the spiders in are tent bout 3 in the morn hahah you we screaming like a girl and pointing the torch while i hit them with my shoe! lmao
Tits like pitta bread. eeeuuurgh
she looked like that women from the movie monster, bout the serial killing lesbien. lol
DC was ace... what a start to the Trek!! Haha!
Gotta say though, the funniest thing I ever saw was when Irish Andy nearly chocked you, poring water down your neck when you were sleeping. nearly fu*kin pegged it there and then! That gets my vote for number 1 slot that does!
Good times... HAPPY DAYS!!
hahaha yea we were talking about that the other day, fuckin life flashed b4 my eyes haha. but i got him back remember, he was sleeping on the bus and i tied his shoe laces together. when he got put to walk he fell sure, nearly broke his neck hahaha.
good times.