Trek America - Trailblazer!


Welcome to my Trek America  Trailblazer!

The date was June 9th, the location New York. We started 13 strangers, one white van with nothing but nerves and a sense of adventure. We were rained on, sunburnt, biten, we slept through fork lightening storms that wrecked are tents but nothing dampened are spirits just added to the experience. After 33 states in 64 days, into Canada and Mexico, more camping than a gypsys wedding, more alcohol than i can remember ( no really) and plenty off busting balls i think i can safely say we finished one big happy family.....friends for life!

Feel free to browse the site and photos of our advenure across America, Mexico and Canada. please leave plenty of comments and sign the guestbook!


 ( Our last trek picture together, every1 say awhhhhhh )